Square Pegs Do Not Fit In Round Holes

Have you ever played with one of those kids toys with the ball with different shaped holes? They have corresponding shaped pieces that you (or your kids….) need to match up in order to get the pieces inside the ball. 

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November 17/2017


I had the pleasure of being in a short meeting with a fellow business person this week and what I thought might present an opportunity for partnership turned into the beginning of a great business relationship!

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November 10/2017

The Foundation

I have been working with a client to finalize their Mission, Vision, and Values as a business. This has been a great reminder for me of the importance of the foundation we build our businesses on.

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November 3/2017

What Stays the Same

I recently heard something great from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. In an interview he mentioned that people always ask him what will change in the next 2 years, the next 5 years, the next 10. 

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October 27/2017

My Next 30 Years

If you’ve never stumbled upon 30x30byfoilco.com, then you’re welcome for telling you about it.  The premise is this, in celebration of 30 years for Foilco, They asked 30 of their team members to give themselves advice (what I would tell my younger self).  Let me tell you, if you are on the verge of giving up… spend 5 mins or less here and you’ll be motivated to keep pushing on!

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October 20/2017

Business is personal.

As many do during Thanksgiving weekend, I take time to slow down and reflect. I took time this past weekend to think about the relationships I have had the honour to develop in the past year through business.

Business is about business. It’s about dollars, and sales, and product, and services. But it really comes down to people. 

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October 13/2017

The 6 part sales funnel

Recently I’ve had many discussions with business owners and managers about the sales funnel. 

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October 6/2017

What you don’t say

It’s true, actions speak louder than words…but what about the words we don’t say?

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September 29/2017

Follow Through

The team at Helium often converses about the “Right Seat in the Bus” theory in business. The first time I heard this theory was when Jim Collins book Good to Great came out in 2001. The management team in my workplace at that time began to talk about this “right seat in the bus” analogy. As the years went by and I watched the people around me, I began to understand that having the right people in the right place (seat in the bus) in business was critical for a few reasons.

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September 22/2017

The Business Advertising Wave

I have heard many times from many business owners that they don’t need to do any advertising or promotional activities. “We’re busy enough as it is”, “We can’t handle any more work”, “We’re happy making the money we’re making now, we don’t need any more”. These are the most common things I’ve heard.

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September 15/2017


Influence is defined as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. It is synonymous with words like clout, control, impact, leadership, reputation or significance among many others. I’m certain we have all read about, encountered or heard about influence…but what does it take to become a person of influence.

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September 8/2017

Word of Mouth

A few days ago I had the opportunity in business to approach strangers for short video testimonies. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.  Meeting new people and making connections is one of the greatest joys of my job. It was a great experience that day until I walked up to a man, put my hand out to shake his, and much to my surprise he looked me straight in the eyes and refused to shake my hand. I was a little taken back. He made it blatantly obvious that he didn’t want to talk to me.

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September 1/2017

Being a Person of Integrity

In business and life I value little above integrity. I enjoy doing business with people of integrity, and working with the same type of people. If a person’s word is their bond, trust can run deeper than if there’s a legalistic approach to everything. 

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August 25/2017

Creative Structure

I’d recently had a conversation with a colleague about a child’s study.  The study noted that children in a playground used less of the space and kept to the middle when the playground had no visible boundary.  

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August 18/2017

Business Connections

“Are you a good social media friend?”

Someone presented this question to me months ago, and inadvertently helped me grasp a welcome revelation about social media business connections.

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August 11/2017

What have you learned?

It’s Friday, what have we learned?

I would like to challenge you to as business leaders and as team members to evaluate your positions.

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August 4/2017

We’re in the people business

We are in the people business…I have always thought that to be true. 

How much more can you say on the subject….well…a little I guess.  We believe that everything in business revolves around people; 

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July 28/2017

Marketing that Connects

I remember watching movies like “Big” where the mind of a young boy came up with an amazing advertisement for a new toy simply out of passion. Or the movie “Thirteen Going on Thirty” where the mind of a 13 year old creates a campaign to win the client when she connected ‘the good life’ and fashion. 

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July 21/2017

Work Comes Before Success

I was inspired to write this blog from some recent conversations with a client. In fact, the title of this blog comes from a recent post they made to social media. Their drive, their passion, their work ethic is astounding. 

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July 14/2017

When success is the worst case scenario

It may have been twelve or so years ago when my husband and I first started digging into business, leadership and educating ourselves on both. We were told to always consider three things.

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July 7/2017

Customers hate being misled. The clickbait practice (an attention grabbing headline that entices you to click it with the hopes that all your curiosity will be satisfied) often promises one thing, and delivers another.

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June 30/2017

There is no “I” in team

…finding the ME in a shared vision

I have spent the better part of the last 12 years studying leadership styles, success plans, goal setting and the like.  

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June 23/2017

Choose Your Tools

These days the market seems to be flooded with tools for everything. I’m talking about physical tools and software tools. There’s a seemingly endless supply of things. By things I mean useful tools, useless tools, tools we didn’t know we needed until they were invented. So what now.

I understand the importance of consistency and process. That being said, let the individuals that are using the tools, pick the tools. This can get complicated with certain things, but for the sake of this post, let’s just talk about the things that don’t have a large ripple effect. 

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June 16/2017

Pressing in and on

Some time ago I was able to sit in the presence of John Maxwell for a leadership conference. He said many wise things, but the one thing that stood out the most was “yesterday’s home run will not win today’s game.”

Often times we get stuck in our past. Sometimes the past mistakes get in the way as we move forward; they keep us stationary. We think because we made a mistake, we are destined for failure so we give up. I’d like to go on record and say that no matter which mistakes you’ve made, you can move forward and use those mistakes to glean from and become better.

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June 9/2017

The strategy behind the act

All too often we attend seminars, conferences, even self guided learning and for the moment, we are in a blissful state of knowledge, growth and wisdom.  Then we fly home, drive to the hotel, close the computer or book and are left with no plan of action; no strategy for use for this acquired knowledge other than ‘using’ it.

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June 2/2017

I have been thinking a lot recently about the failure rates of businesses and motivational speakers/hype gurus. We are bombarded by success stories, rags to riches tales, and people telling us we all need to follow our dreams and reach for the stars. We get caught up in the passion and success of the story and venture down a similar road as those who influence us….but should we?

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May 26/2017


I am currently a part of a leadership discussion group, with a focus on communication and making connections. We were challenged to ask people in our lives two questions, in order to learn about how we currently communicate or connect.

Question 1: What do we do to that connects us with people?

Question 2: What do we do to turn people off? 

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May 19/2017

On Carousels

As with everything, there are trends in website design.

Some of these trends seem to withstand the test of time and become more of a standard than trend. This can be both good and bad. Becoming a standard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be questioning it’s use. 

The website carousel is just such a function.

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May 12/2017

I had a conversation with a client yesterday that went a little like this….”If you want to get to Alaska, there is a clear and definite direction. If you would rather end up in Florida, you can’t take the same path to Alaska to get there.” The context was regarding choice and the principle of cause and effect. It sounds very elementary, but stop and think about that for a second in light of where you are now, where you want to be and the steps you are currently taking!

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May 5/2017

Continued education is important. Nothing groundbreaking about that. I’m sure that most people reading this have a book or two on the go right now. The question is, what is happening with everyone else in your organization?

You’re reading this, which means you likely read. What about your team?Are they taking time at night, on weekends, during lunch, to read or listen to podcasts or take online courses?

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April 28/2017

A Willy-Nilly Marketing Plan

In his book, The Power of Focus, Jack Canfield says that “A goal that is not measurable, is just wishful thinking.”  Having goals in business (and in life) will allow you to say “no” to things (and people) that are getting in the way of your growth.

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April 21/2017

In an effort to keep the non focused energy at bay, I turned on a series of Ted talks as I attempted to press on to get my day going.  Here’s where I landed… very fittingly, the first on the habits of an original thinker, and the second on the mind of a master procrastinator.  



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April 13/2017

Is your business you-proof?

We work with a lot of small to medium sized businesses. In a lot of cases we work directly with owners of the businesses. This post is not about my clients, but about businesses around the world that face a similar mentality.

The photo was chosen very specifically. This photo to me represents a flourishing business.

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April 7/2017

Dreams. Goals. Reality.

This is a story about you. And this is a story about me. 

On June 1, 2015 I sat down in my favourite spot (the patio in my back yard) and wrote out some goals. I still have the paper with the date scribbled in the corner… among those goals were two that stood out; “pay off all personal debt” and “start a business”. I also wrote out the things I would need, like education, discipline, money, connections, etc. 

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March 31/2017

The Plan

When you were a kid, what did you want to ‘grow up’ to be? What the answer was matters slightly less than the fact that we were allowed to, and even encouraged to dream! As we got older, we were told to ‘get our heads out of the clouds’…but isn’t that where we want to be? As an entrepreneur, your mind doesn’t follow…it wanders, it ponders …it ‘what if’s’ or ‘we should’s’. That’s adult for dreaming, and this is where the path to genius begins.  

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March 24/2017

Just Embrace It

I recently attended a Women in Business event in our community and was struck by a comment our first speaker shared. She said “there is no balance between work and life – stop trying”. She then went on to say that a more appropriate aspiration for her was a “work/life integration”.

Without knowledge of what my subconscious brain was signalling, my head began to nod YES…this is the world I live in. My work and life are in fact integrated.

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March 17/2017

How Big Are You Dreaming

I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman today, and it made me think about a talk I recently heard, which also made me thing of Walt Disney. 

Walt Disney had a dream for a theme park. He was turned down multiple hundreds of times before he got the funding he needed. He had a big dream and saw it so clearly that after each time he got knocked down by naysayers, he got back up and kept pursuing his too-big-to-be real dream. Oh, and keep in mind that Walt went completely broke and had nothing, and then built the Disney empire.

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March 10/2017

Today’s Events

Today our accounts team attended the Archangel Summit in Toronto. This was an exceptional experience with some heavy hitter speakers. It was great, celebrity status business speakers and entrepreneurs…

But now what? We have heard people give advice. Some of the best advice isn’t new advice. It has to do with patience. Take your time, learn your craft, build your business. There are too many “wantrepreneurs” out there that want everything, and they want everything now. So what do we do? So much advice from so many people.

Implement what you can today.

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February 1/2017

First thing, a disclaimer. This article is strictly observational and I will keep any political leanings out of my writing. We will leave personalities out of this, so no matter what a buffoon or conniving snake you believe either candidate to be, that will not be discussed here.

That said, on with the show. The first observation is that none of the presidential candidates started with, and ended on the same campaign slogan, except for one. Donald Trump stuck to his campaign slogan from Day 1. All others changed wording, or their slogan altogether during their campaigns. “Make America Great Again” provided a vision of something better. “Hillary For America” was a recent change that doesn’t provide vision at all. The lesson here, consistency matters.

What the candidates did behind closed doors mattered, as most of it came out.

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February 1/2017

Do We Recognize Greatness

I believe in transparency in business. At times, not always, this means letting people into deeper parts of our lives. Most of my clients and business contacts know things about me personally. They know my wife’s name (Sherri), they know I have two kids (Oliver and Graham), they know that I love smoking meat, and they know about my faith. Today I will let you all into one of the hardest times of my life. Today is the day we lay my dad to rest.

Reflecting on my dads life, and hearing stories from other family members and friends of my dad, I heard and remember many instances of greatness. Some of the most profound things that I am taking to heart is that he never spoke ill of anyone, he was slow to

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September 1/2016

From September to May, a group of women will be meeting monthly to discuss and learn about vision and goal setting…

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